15 July 2011

Google+ random hangouts proposal

I've just attended the course about social networks. I was deeply surprised because the professor told us that according to the last investigations it is unlikely for people to create new ties. At the same time, the diversity in opinions and social ties brings new ideas and people with the variety of ties are more successful and have more opportunities to get a job and so on.
I like the last initiative from Google that brought to us new social network - Google plus. And it seems to me that to conquer the user's minds they should propose various useful functions. That's why I've decided to give an idea for a function that can be very interesting for people.
Thus, I propose to include the functionality that will provide a user with ability to chat with a random another user. At the same time, the users should have ability to include each other in their circles if they like to communicate with each other.
Moreover, I think in the future the functionality can be included that will help to find other random users according to different attributes: gender, age, interests (personal attributes); topics, events (general attributes).   

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  1. Уже сделали ))) http://habrahabr.ru/blogs/social_networks/124889/